SPAM Policy and Compliance

As an online service that enables the broadcast of email newsletters, we are very sensitive to issues regarding unwanted emails and SPAM. We work with all of our customers to make sure they understand and abide by the principals of email protocol and strict "opt-in" policy. Newsletters, by their nature, are best used only as "opt-in" communications between a company and its customers and an organization and its members. Unlike other forms of direct marketing, newsletter marketing is often used as a tool for educating and building long-term bonds with customers.

Email communications

We require all emails that are sent on behalf of our customers, to be at one time have supplied their email address to receive email communications and/or has a pre-existing business or personal relationship. Customers who upload email lists must agree to these terms and may be required to provide supporting documentation indicating the nature of their list.


The default layout of every newsletter has to include an easy to use subscription management module. This is a form or a link that sits within the page allowing subscribers to easily remove their email address from the newsletter list.

SPAM and Policy Abuse

Despite all of these precautions and policies, there remains the possibility that a customer will send emails to a person (or a list of people) who will view the email received as un-welcomed solicitation or unwanted email. In some cases this may be due to a misunderstanding between our customer and the recipient. In other cases this may be due to an abuse of our email policies. As a first step, we encourage email recipients to first consider if they are indeed part of the email list that this publisher has used. If not, and in light of these potential problems, a special email box has been reserved for reporting SPAM mail. To file a report, send an email to

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